365 days and over 365 articles later.

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Here’s a bit of my story for context.

As I said before, I found out about Medium in 2018.

I’m still waiting for that album…Beyonce.

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Who am I?

This is the easy part where I give you a quick rundown of my bio. Here goes…

  • I play the saxophone and guitar — The guitar came and went. I played the saxophone for a solid six years and got pummeled in marching band. Anything to get out of P.E.
  • I love anime — The…

#3. They never expect anything in return.

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Black people are getting tired.

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I’m mentally and physically beat down.

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I finally cracked the code.

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Ever tried sticking your middle finger up to the world?

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Nothing worked.

No one liked me. Everyone thought I was a joke. I guess that’s what I wanted, right? To be seen? But it wasn’t the way I wanted it.

#2. They block your path without moving

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They won't thank you after opening the door for them

I’ve learned as a kid that holding the door for someone is the cordial thing to do.

For all of the angry white parents/teachers.

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It’s not looking so good for me

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