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An egg.

That’s what it took for two of my friends to fall out. A fucking egg competition to see who could protect their egg the best as it plummets from the sky 50 feet. Let’s call my blonde friend Becky and my red-headed friend Casey.

Casey protected her egg much better than Becky because her’s was in a floral paper box. It was an egg cage. But Becky got furious at Casey because the mechanism used to protect the egg had to be three pounds or below. …

How I kept my writing passion alive when my world was falling apart.

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I just want to write.

Why do I say this?

This isn’t meant to be some “aha” moment flaunting around that I finally found my passion. Quite frankly, I’m here to tell you the opposite. I found my passion, yet I’m so frustrated with it right now, that it’s hard for me to even fathom that it’s something I love to do.

People don’t understand that finding your passion is awesome, but here’s the kicker — you need to keep it alive.

I didn’t want to do shit anymore.

I came from a working-class family with a single mom with several health ailments (diabetes, glaucoma, cancer, etc). She did her best with my grandma to raise me and my sister by almost going into debt sending us to some preppy White kid school with a ton of academic resources (a hell of a lot more than the district near our house). …

What most countries get wrong about America.

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The land of the “free” and the home of the “brave”?

It’s evident that America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. There are golden water fountains on every corner of the street. Candy Christmas tree ornaments we use every year. And on top of that… pots of gold on every roof just waiting for King Midas to piss into as he flys around the states.

Okay, that’s all a lie. America is sweet, but by no means is it this magical fairy tale land that people make it out to be.

Americans Definitely Have Privilege.

I don’t want you to leave this article thinking I’m some self-absorbed American who thinks they don’t have it better than other countries. …

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What creates a strong writing habit?

That’s a question I’ve currently been figuring out in my head. As someone who’s written every day for seven months and counting, it’s hard to remember a time where I didn’t have a writing habit. But the main reason why most aspiring writers fail early in their career is that they don’t have the drive to write every single day.

Starting a writing habit isn’t a stroll down the yellow-brick road Dorothy.

Sure, on average it takes about 90 days for a habit to fully sink in (per James Clear) if you do it daily. However, writing is a different beast. You can’t start cold-turkey.

You have to warm-up at least five days before your 90-day period to effectively implement a writing habit. …

But don’t badger them about it.

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Don’t worry, I’m not about to trash talk every single editor alive.

Frankly, I think their job is more critical than we realize. They give honest feedback on our writing so we won’t publish horrendous articles into the void. Chances are they do more jobs than editing. They’re the captain, mate, 2nd mate, and cook of their own ship!

So I always take their words as the holy grail. But recently, I’m starting to understand that editors are humans too and sometimes they get the editing job wrong.

Let me explain.

They could give your writing unnecessary mistakes.

An editor who attempted to give my work a facelift ended up botching the whole operation with an overload of commas. …

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Source: Image Trump protestors storming Capitol building

2021 is starting off with a bang (literally)!

If you don’t know the story already, on January 6th, mountains of Trump Supporters stormed the Capitol building as members of congress were in the middle of certifying presidential elect Joe Biden’s victory. Trump supporters rummaged through desks in the senate chamber and congress members were evacuated.

Is this the beginning of a Civil War?

A Civil War could be coming soon.

Loads of protests happened in 2020. It’s safe to say that the shackles of this so-called “peace” Americans have lived for the past hundred years or so are shattering before our very eyes.

People are continuing to deal with the ramifications of last year. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, people still can’t pay their bills, and racism is still running rampant as ever. It seems as though all of our hopes for a great 2021 marched out the window. …

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I’ve learned early on in my blogging career that writing isn’t for everyone.

Most people come into the business claiming they know how to write, yet it turns out, they only want to be rewarded for writing English. Bad writing doesn’t exist to them. I’ve spent so much time studying other writers, that survival in this industry could be a matter of personality.

Here are three personality traits that can help you figure out if writing is your passion.

Writers are so vulnerable that it’s almost gross how relatable they can be.

What makes a story relatable? A personal story.

All of the most successful writers share personal stories, and if they are fiction writers, they use personal stories that happened in their life as a mirror to reflect off of the character. I once wrote stories about my anxiety, being overweight, my mom’s cancer because it gave the reader a glimpse of the mess in my life. …

Until it’s too late.

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Instead of moving on, people like to dwell in the past.

This stifles us from any type of self-improvement. It keeps our heads in the clouds rather than rooted in reality. Accepting the hard shit is the only way to call a spade a spade so we can move on to the next chapter of our lives.

So here are ten hard truths that everyone should accept in their lives to keep their self-improvement progressive.

  • You suck at your passion right now because you just started practicing it. The world doesn’t owe you shit. You have to earn your spot in everything you do. …

Why blogging will never die.

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Rock is a dead, romanticized genre nowadays, which is why I compare it to blogging.

It used to be one of the biggest musical genres in the world, then Hip-Hop took over in the 2010s, and now…poof. But what if Rock isn’t dead? What if it’s just not as mainstream as it used to be? What if it just changed form over the years?

Though you may be looked at as an anti-social nerd for blogging now, there are three reasons why blogging is the romanticized Rock n Roll of Gen Z.

YouTubers are bloggers with cameras in this generation.

YouTube has taken the world by storm over the last decade. …


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